viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Is being selfish a bad thing?

Shortcircuit is heir to Sensualista (2006-2010). It´s still polo, but Shortcircuit is not sensualista anymore- now it´s an accidental connection between two points of differential potential in an electrical circuit establishing a path of low resistance through which an excessive current can flow. So... this is a circuit in which each and everyone is admitted, and it´s as transparent as it was in its previous life.

Proud, I´m proud of what I am

Blogging is one of the first proof of selfishness in the modern world. The best bloggers use the label `self-centreness´. Is being a selfish a mistake? An outright selfish would assume everybody else also is and will respect this ...virtue?

Yes, it can be a virtue: F.W.N.´s quote goes The noble soul has reverence for itself. This sentence is mentioned in this outstanding film. Would you find it here? If you´re a good student of ELE (Spanish as a foreign language), you would locate that minute and second.

That´s they are: just worms dragging on the ground

Selfishness is said to be evil. It´s one of the worst things you can tell to anyone. However, without it or without some of it, it would be hard to get by: the difference would be big, the potential would be deadly.

Let´s face it: do you take yourselves as selfish selves? Would that label fit you? Are you real shortcircuiters? Will you show some resistance? Will you feel the flow?

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  1. I said it in Spanish, I say it now in English: I'm not selfish, rather the opposite, I'm far too generous. But I am self-centered, yet... Who isn't?

  2. .
    Thanks so much, squirrel.

    I believe you´re not at all selfish. Far too generous? The ones beside you should feel grateful then.

    Self-centered? Great word indeed. Who am I to deny it?

    Please tell your English-speaking friends about this blog, will you? Don´t keep it to your-self.

  3. Ok, here I am.

    Selfish? Me? Yeah!! Writing twice where I said never.

  4. Hi,

    I am not selfish, I am generous and I like to help others. Of course, it is wise to think also about ourselves. I wish you all the best for your new blog!


  5. .
    Oh, fine, Mr Herencia (ha ha)! Or should I say Mr Inheritance? (more ha ha).

    You selfish? Maybe more selfish in word than in deed. As we can check out here.

    Thanks a lot for being (t)here.

  6. .
    Dear Cipriota, I thought of you when I planned to start this blog. I said to myself: There are some people -few, I must admit- I´d love to have them here, but there´s some language barriers...

    Fortunately, you heard my silent request, and I appreciate your comment. I agree with you: you´re one of the least selfish people I´ve ever met.

    My new blog will be lucky if you participate in it. I´m being honest.
    Thanks very much.