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This Year´s Top 12 Songs?

2010. It doesn´t matter if they were put out more than a decade ago. They´re the tunes heard with the utmost pleasure last year. 

Well... do you always just listen to present chart songs? Let´s not talk about age because today it´s Songs what it is about.

12. LINDSTROM & PRINS THOMAS, "Feel PM" (2007).  The title -really poloesque as it reminds of the expression "Está de Pe Eme" menaing "It´s F.G.", this is the soundtrack for serenity ...even in winter. Just click on the link.

11. CHACHO BRODAS, "Genio" (2007). No matter how many times it is heard, you always smile at the end of this little ditty. The video is quite watchable and Chacho is just an average boy you just can´t dislike.

10. NACHO VEGAS, "Las inmensas preguntas" (2009). Cuando me quiero explicar, / las palabras se esconden / en no sé qué sitio. [When I want to explain, / Words just slip away / and go who knows where] Just look at the guy´s beautiful hair and how well he conveys frustration.

 9. THROBBING GRISTLE, "Distant Dreams (Pt.2)". (1981) This ditty is almost outright synth-pop (Wass dat?)  from a sometimes-scary band -just see. This gets you a bit... edgy. Keep on clicking.

 8. BRIGHT EYES, "One Soul Song (for the new world order)" (2005). A love story in the middle of a riot: teargas canisters, G-20 conference and y ...kept pushing forward / Until they swallowed the police.

 7. DÉMAGO, "Réspirez" (2006). Censorship gets at s h o r t c i r c u i t . It´s This Year´s Guitar Strums. Fury, land speculation, job redundancy, flight of capital, full employment, wages regulation, France.

 6. DELOREAN, "Deli" (2009). Are they really Spanish? Well, yes, they are. As you can see, this year we´ve had lots of music in Spanish. Dance rock rhythmic rhythm. Katmandu´s top summer song (honest!).

 5. DAN LAURIN. ARTE DEI SUONATORI, "Suite-obertura en la menor. Ouverture" [GEORG PHILIP TELEMANN] (2004). Pure new wave. Album of the year is called Conciertos para flauta [Flute Concertos].

 4. CHICO Y CHICA, "Lady Olé" (2004). The lyrics have no meaning whatsoever. Maybe the group doesn´t either. Nor that serious voice. Nor so many times that is heard while thinking that everything is real. ¡Manu Tenor! (...) ¡Florinda Chi!

Bronze is for...

 3. LIONS IN LOVE, "Persecution". (1994) This is Another Story: we need a whole blog devoted to it. What you can hear between 2:22 and 2:42 after a hippy call comes from the afterworld: the world of Voices from the Beyond. Please click now!

Silver is for...

 2. LEMON FLY, "Miénteme otra vez" (2004). It looks as a track from ABC***´s The Lexicon of Love. From Via satélite alrededor de Carlos Berlanga as well. They say it themselves: ¡Las mentiras tienen algo de verdad! [A lie has some truth in it!]

And number one goes to...

 1. FREDDY KEMPF, "Gran Polonesa precedida de un andante spianato, opus 22" (2004). Song of the Year. Which year? Lots. This one too. So enjoy it...

It is possible to listen to all the tunes. Please kindly choose your favourite... or just don´t.

Oh, is there any song put out during 2010? I´m afraid there isn´t. That stinks.

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