viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Another Small Country?

You thought the Travelling around Small  Countries  saga was over? Well, it´s just not-a-big-state called The Republic of...

This expedition is included in what it´s supposed to be Political Tourism. That´s why you should pay attention to what happens from minute 0:49 til 1:04 in the song. Because the soundtrack is...

Is this in one of the best ever albums top 5? It is.

El Cuban accent can be a bit too much and, at the same time, delight your ears with its amollll. Generosity can become excessive and also get away from same old European discretion. The music may not be the best dish for a synth-pop (wot?) fan, but, taken as a show, it will surely be worthwhile.

Anyway, bound to escape Christmas and the cold. And also the inevitable questions: have you ever been to Cuba? What do you relate it to? Do you feel like going there? Can you giz any tip?

While you wait, look for minute 9:12 of this excerpt (well, that is if you don´t enjoy the whole of this funningly emotional long feature film):

Love, death and sabolll


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